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With St. Louis wedding photography as a profession I get quite a few questions about wedding albums, more specifically, “Do I need a wedding album?”.  Let’s face it, we live in the age of Instagram, Facebook, tweets, and blogging. We live in a world were we can share photos instantly in what seems like thousands of ways. This is one of the main reasons I provide an instant download gallery like this one to all of my clients. This is also one of the reasons I really believe an album from your wedding day is a MUST HAVE. Your love story should be treasured and shared, not buried in your news feed under selfies and photos of the food you ate last year, or worse yet on a USB drive in the junk drawer of your desk.  I know what you are thinking, “Do I need a wedding album?”. Read on for answers to questions you may be having:St. Louis wedding photographySt. Louis wedding album St. Louis wedding photographySt. Louis wedding albumSt. Louis wedding photography


1.) A wedding album tells your story.

After your wedding day, it is unlikely  you’ll sit down at your computer and look through a USB of 700 or more images often. Sure when the images first arrive you will look at them 3 time in the first night and 6 times the next day, but the excitement wears off, life happens, and you just don’t take the time to enjoy the photos sitting on your computer. That many images can be a little overwhelming. While it’s so important to capture all of the moments that take place on one of the most important days of your lives, looking through all of them can be a little tedious. Individual images may have the ability to capture a moment, but a wedding album tells your story by focusing in on the highlights of the day. A USB of photos lacks the narrative effect of a custom designed album. The whole reason you have a photographer document your wedding is to share it with others. Your album is the perfect way to do that.

2.) A wedding album is a one of kind work of art.

Photos are meant to be printed! I think that is worth saying again, PHOTOS ARE MEANT TO BE PRINTED!  Your wedding photos are intended to create beautiful printed works of art that will serve as a lasting symbol of your love. A professionally designed, high quality album is the perfect work of art to preserve your most cherished memories.

3.) A wedding album is your families first and most precious heirloom.

You will be so excited the day your wedding album arrives. You’ll look at it over and over again, and it will probably feel like one of the most valuable things you’ve EVER owned. It gets better, the true value of your album will manifest many years down the road, when you show your adorable children.  The day my sweet and beautiful daughter asked to look at my album and gasped at the beauty of her mom in her wedding gown will be one of my best memories ever.  Imagine being able to show your children how amazing you and your husband looked and to tell them all about how the story of their family began. That memory is priceless.  On that day you will reap the full benefit of  your investment. Your album truly is your very first family heirloom, meant to be shared and past along for generations. If you are feeling skeptical, just come meet me, I will show you my grandmothers wedding album, my mothers wedding album, and my wedding album. They are all precious to me.

4.) Your wedding album is meant to stand the test of time.

With constant changes in technology, we don’t even know if the average computer will read your USB of images 50 years later. Your wedding album is made with archival materials intended to last a lifetime. These images will not fade – and neither will the beautiful memories of your wedding day.

5.) There is nothing worse than wishing you had gotten an album.

In every way, these wedding albums are FANTASTIC! I know you think you will display your pictures on your walls forever, but your family will grow and things will change. Having a heirloom album will allow you to reminisce about your wedding day as often as you want. It will always bring up special and sweet memories.

I custom design every wedding album to tell the unique story of each couple’s wedding. I also give my clients the option to order a wedding album up to a year after their wedding day. That way if things are a bit tight right after the big day, they can wait a few months before making another big investment.

St. Louis wedding photography is showcased perfectly with an album. Thank you for viewing the St. Louis Wedding Photos by Dana Tate . Dana Tate | Weddings specializes in modern St. Louis engagement photography combining attributes of portraiture and photojournalism for complete wedding day coverage. We take joy in  providing our services to brides and grooms looking for the best St. Louis engagement photography. Dana Tate captures the details, beauty, and emotions of your St. Louis  engagement pictures and wedding day. Your wedding photography is carefully tailored for your day and your one of a kind personality to offer an exceptional Saint Louis wedding photography experience available. Our St. Louis wedding photography packages are precisely tailored to your St. Louis weddings day and your unique wedding day needs to offer the best Saint Louis wedding photography experience available. 

Dana Tate award winning wedding photographer provides St Louis wedding photography coverage to the Saint Louis metro area, including St. Genevieve, MO and St. Charles, MO.

Dana Tate award winning St. Louis wedding photographer serves St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Contact Dana today for more information about booking your wedding photography. 636.399.1032

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