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Deciding what to wear for engagement photos shouldn’t be something to stress about, but in most cases, it causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety. What to wear for engagement photos is one of the most common questions, if not the most common question, I  hear from the couples I create for.  Since you will be enjoying your engagement photos for years to come, it’s essential to give significant consideration to what to wear to your engagement shoot. Often your engagement images show off your style and are displayed beautifully in your home.

A vital thing to remember is that your engagement photos should make you look your best and show off your unique personality as a couple. That is a heavy load –  so read on for my top tips for engagement shoot fashion and styling.dana-tate-st-louis-wedding-photographer_2386

Above all the most important thing to do during your engagement shoot is to be yourself!  The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture your love story and show your personalities. If you select an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, whether it is a color you don’t like or a style you could do without, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and trust me, it’ll show in the photos no matter what! Choose wardrobe items you love, and that make you feel your very best.


Be sure to consider your body type,  you know what look fantastic on you and what doesn’t, so don’t just pick something you thought looked amazing just because you saw it on Pinterest. If you’re concerned about what your arms look like in a sleeveless top, it’s going to be quite the challenge to capture those beautiful moments of you two, because you will worry about it during your session.  It is also good to remember that overly fussy and restrictive clothing will be a challenge for you to move in, so be sure to choose items that make you look and FEEL great. This doesn’t mean you need to dress frumpy. In fact, it is just the opposite many of my brides and grooms love really dressing up for their photos because it makes them feel and look fantastic. You can add an amazing gown rental from rent the runway to your engagement session for $40. Just ask me how!

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Consider the season and dress accordingly, especially if your engagement shoot is in the great outdoors. Wearing spring and summer clothes in the winter is only going to make you cold and miserable. No one wants to be cold or miserable for their engagement pictures!  Likewise, wearing bulky winter fabrics or layering large wardrobe pieces in the heat of summer is a sure way to create unwanted sweatiness. Sweat stains, melting makeup, and general discomfort likely isn’t the look you’re going for in your engagement portraits. That said no matter what the season don’t skimp on fabulous accessories.  Adding things such as headbands, jewelry, scarves, jackets, hats,  and boots can create a very intriguing and stylized look. Shoes can make or break an outfit so even though your feet won’t be in all the engagement pictures being sure you both have great shoes to finish your outfit is a must.

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Coordinate with each other without looking “matchy”. The days of khaki bottoms and white polo tops are a thing of the past. Let’s all take a minute to rejoice! When planning your outfits select colors that complement each other, such as navy and coral, blush and navy, or cream and merlot.  Then make sure your outfits are color-coordinated. Clothing should also be the same level of formality. If you want a laid back casual look, then both of you should be wearing laid back casual clothing.

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Consider your location. Think about what looks will best set off the backdrop of your photos. Whether your photos are outdoors or indoors, there are certain styles that will create an overall feeling or theme for your engagement session. Selecting the right clothing will help tell your love story.   If your setting is a grand hall in a historical mansion or hotel lobby, a dress and a suit would be the perfect choice but that same dress and suit won’t translate well to a wooded oasis or an overgrown field. A funky urban look with denim and leather would look great, but not at a country club or golf course. Having beautiful engagement photos is about being yourself, having a great location that shows your interest and personality, and then selecting great clothes you love to set the scene.

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Color, Texture, and Layers are important. We have all seen this at our favorite stores. The clothes on the mannequin always look fabulous. It’s because they are layered and expertly accessorized.  As a bonus to looking great accessories are perfect for giving you something to do with your hands. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with adding a great jacket or an interesting piece of jewelry.  Ties and bowties add whimsy to any button up your groom may choose to wear. Are you a little intimidated by accessorizing your wardrobe? Click here for some excellent tips. 


Bring more than one outfit. Bring at least two outfits, one more formal and glamorous and one casual. Mix it up – you can wear a skirt and pants! Try two different looks and two different locations it will create an incredible variety in your final gallery, and give you lots of heirloom images to show to your growing family years from now.


 Splurge and hire a makeup artist and hair stylist. I can’t stress this enough. Engagement photos may be the very first professional pictures you will have that truly showcase your personality. I do believe wardrobe choice is critical, another, often overlooked, significant factor in a successful session is styling and makeup.  Styling and makeup are often something you simply don’t think of until the day of the session, but these two factors can make or break the final images from your engagement session. A professional makeup artist gets a perfect foundation color to match the skin tone, and they know how to make you look best on camera.  Add to that their keen ability to select the right colors to make your features pop and it just makes sense to pamper yourself a bit before the session with a makeup application. If you need any more convincing, take note,  a professional artist is a great investment is because you come to the session feeling very confident about your look.  There is nothing easier to photograph than a client that feels great about themselves!  Check out some of my favorite makeup artists HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Still Overwhelmed?

You know you want to look great in your engagement photos, but you’re still feeling overwhelmed. If you are still having trouble deciding what to wear for engagement pictures and you just want to leave it to the professionals. You can add a stunning couture gown from rent the runway to any session for just $40. You select the gown and I order it in two sizes for you.  I also highly suggest you use Trunk Club for men or Trunk Club for Women. You will get a very personal experience with Trunk Club. Stitch Fix is another great option   stitchfix.com is only for the ladies, though.  With Stitch Fix and Trunk Club you get a fantastic personal stylist that will select your clothes based on your measurements and style preferences, ship them FedEX to your door, you try them on, if you like them, you keep them, if you don’t you send them back for free. Both services make being stylish super easy because a professional stylist will listen to your needs and customize some excellent wardrobe choice for the session.  It is also a wonderful way to try clothes you would not usually try.   The best part is that you know the clothes they send your are always going to be in style, that is their job! Give them a try; you will be so glad you did.

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